Evolutionary Biology. This course is an overview of modern research in evolutionary processes including micro and macroevolutionary perspectives. It includes the basic concepts in evolution, the genetic basis of evolution, quantitative genetics, the logic and mesurement of natural selection, phylogenies and the comparative method, and current appplications of evolutionary knowleledge. Professors: Rodrigo Medel, David Veliz, Elie Poulin, Carezza Botto & Marco Mendez. 

Readings in Plant Evolutionary Ecology. This course is optional to under and graduate students. It consists in the reading and discussion of the book recently published by G.P Cheplick entitled: Approaches to Plant Evolutionary Ecology. A summary of the topics to be reviewed can be found here  

Lectures in Philosophy of Science. This course consists in the review and discussion of specific problems in philosophy of science. Previous topics included: a) The historical turn in philosophy of science, b) Revolutions in Biology, c) Realism and antirealism.